June 2016
Producing and performing in Comedy Stew at Bar Lubitsch April 15th

May 2016

Performing in Actor Salon's Hollywood Showcase. Click here to RSVP.

May 2016

Producing and performing in 3D Showcase May 10th, 11th, 16th, and 17th


“...a vibrant, imaginative, and fearless artist. Sabra has the drive, courage, and insatiable creative curiosity to be a deeply affecting and delightful storyteller for the screen. "
Lorraine Bahr,

“A story teller of tremendous power and strength."

Stephan Henry,

Actor and Coach

"A unique and fearless talent resides in Sabra May."

Barbara Kite,

Acting Coach


Sabra's latest reel. 

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An adrenaline junkie by nature, Sabra is always on a new adventure. Follow her escapades via instagram.


Serious fun

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Sabra brings a disarming earnestness to the role, handling Carol's transformation from a stammering schoolgirl to a party-line spouting activist with aplomb. Type your paragraph here.

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